Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fuel injection problem on 1990 Chevy pickup.?

When driving the vehicle jerks and sounds like it is not getting the right amount of fuel to the injector. Also, stalls alot after starting cold. I changed the 02 sensor but no change. The fuel system is aTBI.Fuel injection problem on 1990 Chevy pickup.?Probably a worn out fuel pump and/or plugged fuel filter.

Low fuel pressure.

You should get 12-13 psi at the inlet side of the fuel filter. (minimum)
Fuel injection problem on 1990 Chevy pickup.?
Its a Chevy.
Fuel injection problem on 1990 Chevy pickup.?
It could be many things.You already changed a hard one(o2 sensors are a bugger)Check all the vacuum lines for cracks.If they are cracked,replace them.You can also check your pcv valve,.I would clean the tbi and egr with carb cleaner or seafoam.Put a half can of seafoam in your gas to clean injectors.Your temp sensors could be bad also.You could also change fuel filter.

Like I said,it could be many things that cause one problem.Did you unplug your battery to reset the computer so it reads the new o2 readings.
Another thing I'd do if it's stalling and jerking is replace the throttle body gasket, there's really no way to tell if it's bad or not by looking at it. Mine looked fine and I replaced it, it solved my sputtering acceleration problem after a cold start.
had the same problem on my 94 it was the throttle position sensor that was making it do that it cost about 30.00 dollars for a new one and took about 15 mins. to change it out